The Science Fiction Association was the UK's first true national SF organisation. It lasted just under three years, from its formation at the first convention in January 1937 to its demise with the outbreak of World War II. Below is a chronological listing of all its publications, with links to copies of same, with which you can chart its progress. Copies of some have not been located, but then after 80+ years it's amazing as much has survived as has.

When the SFA was formed those local groups that had been chapters of the Science Fiction League (the group run by US prozine WONDER STORIES) became branches of the SFA. The LASFL - the Los Angeles chapter - also affiliated to the SFA so, technically, it was also LASFA, though never called that. That joint affiliation was on display on issues of the LA fanzine IMAGINATION!. After both the SFL and SFA ceased to be the group was temporarily nameless (see BIXELSTRASSE) until becoming the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS) in 1940, the name they're still known by today.

January 1937

February 1937 March 1937 April 1937 May 1937 June 1937 July 1937 Aug/Sept 1937 October 1937 November 1937 Also sent out with this mailing was the Peace Pledge Union folder.

December 1937

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Note: Issues #1 to 3 of NEW WORLDS replaced NOVAE TERRAE as the monthly Official Organ of the SFA. This role would then be assumed by SATELLITE with issue #9 of that publication, while with its own fourth issue NEW WORLDS tripled in size and assumed the role of the Association's quarterly journal left vacant by the demise of TOMORROW. As things turned out, this was also its final issue.