The Science Fiction Association (1937-39) was the UK's first national fan organisation. It came to a premature end when it was 'suspended' on the outbreak of WWII, never to be restarted. During its short life a number of fanzines were published under its auspices. One of these, TOMORROW, was the quarterly journal of the SFA. It saw seven issues in all, published out of Leeds by editor Douglas Mayer. The first four were duplicated, half-quarto zines with stiff card covers. Walter Gillings SCIENTIFICTION was folded into TOMORROW with the fifth issue, at which point it shifted to full US quarto size and continued SCIENTIFICTION's full litho reproduction. Unfortunately, this proved too expensive for the SFA's finances to bear, and after three litho issues TOMORROW ceased publication.

Issue No. 1

Issue No. 5

These listings are taken directly from the British Fanzine Bibliography.

  1. Spr/37
  2. Sum/37
  3. Aut/37
  4. Win/38
  5. Spr/38
  6. Sum/38
  7. Aut/38
24 page
24 page
24 page
24 page
16 page (Vol 2 No 1)
16 page (Vol 2 No 2)
16 page (Vol 2 No 3)