His call-up by the military in October/November 1940 caused Ted Carnell to suspend publication of his fanzine POSTAL PREVIEW. However, the urge to publish had obviously not gone away and a year later, in December 1941, he put out the first issue of his new fanzine, SANDS OF TIME. As with many UK fanzines of the period this was distributed with issues of J. Michael Rosenblum's FUTURIAN WAR DIGEST. Carnell claimed that SANDS OF TIME was the first fanzine to be edited by a fan on active service, the early issues being produced while he was still stationed in Britain. Later issues could only be published when he was on leave from the campaigns in Italy and North Africa and so appeared more sporadically. During this period Ted also put together a brief one-page autobiography for FUTURIAN WAR DIGEST that can be read here.

SANDS OF TIME ran for 11 issues in all, the final one appearing in January 1944, and was never more than 4 pages (ie. 2 sheets) long.

Sourcing and OCR/retyping of all issues was by Rob Hansen and Greg Pickersgill.

Issue 1. - December 1941
Issue 2. - February 1942
Issue 3. - March 1942
Issue 4. - April 1942
Issue 5. - May 1942
Issue 6. - August 1942
Issue 7. - October 1942
Issue 8. - January 1943
Issue 9. - May 1943
Issue 10. - December 1943
Issue 11. - January 1944
Extra: Letter to FANTASY NEWS- December 1944 (also Harold Gottliffe)
Eavesdropping in the E.T.O. - April 1945