FAPA (1937-present)

Formed in 1937, FAPA - the Fantasy Amateur Press Association - was the first APA in SF fandom and is the one all others are modelled after whether they know it or not. British fans were involved in it from the very beginning. Below is a piece by Don Wollheim detailing its creation, followed by a list of zines run through FAPA by UK fans in the years up to 1980.

Don Wollheim - photo Ted Carnell album

In 1936 fan magazine publishing first began to enter into the phase of growth that marked the transition from the club organ period to that of amateur journalism. Prior to that year only few fan publications were attempted, and outside of the famous Fantasy Magazine and two or three less successful ventures, the only fan publications were club organs, often of a local nature. But the growth of fandom and its gradual acquisition of certainty in itself and independence of mind resulted in a larger and larger output of fan publications everywhere. Fandom took on something of the aspects of today with new magazines appearing on all sides and old ventures collapsing or combining. A certain amount of chaos grew.

In that year, while corresponding with the late H. P. Lovecraft, I first heard of the existence of national amateur press associations where persons interested in publishing and editing for the fun of it and not for profit would exchange magazines in general mailings. I joined the National, the United, and several local Amateur Press Associations. Likewise some of the New York fans, primarily John B. Michel and Frederik Pohl.

Gradually it grew upon me that an amateur press association modeled after the decades-old national types and specializing in fantasy amateur journalism would be an excellent thing. So many fans wanted to bring out magazines "for the hell of it" and for indefinite periods. They did not like to have to depend upon dubious subscription lists which they might never be able to live up to or to repay. They did not want the bother of commercial fan publishing. They wanted to bring out fanzines for the fun of it. In cautious discussions with various fans, it became clear that fandom would welcome the creation of an organization for the free exchange of amateur non-subscription fantasy magazines.

I discussed this at length one night in the Spring of 1937 with fans Bill Miller and Jim Blish and it was there that the Fantasy Amateur Press Association was first formulated, named and planned. However, affairs having to do with the dissolution of the I.S.A. kept me from further work on it until June.

In June John B. Michel and I decided to start definite work on the organization of the F.A.P.A. We decided to have a simple clear workable constitution already written, to have an emblem prepared, to get a nucleus of enthusiastic members and to prepare a first mailing with which the campaign for organization would be formally started. We determined to start it with a bang in order to give it the best chance for survival.

After studying the constitutions of existing general amateur press groups, I took the Constitution of the New England Amateur Press Club as the simplest and best model, and wrote the first FAPA Constitution. It followed the wording and organization of the NEAPC in most particulars. The present revised FAPA Constitution is still essentially the original document in general.

After correspondence, the following accepted the posts of organizers: I took the presidency as it was my job to direct the work and co-ordinate things. Michel undertook the Editorship so he and I could work together on that. Bill Miller agreed to handle the secretarial work of registering applicants and collecting dues. Daniel McPhail undertook the Vice-President's task of booming up membership.

I wrote Morris Dollens, at that time foremost fan artist, requesting designs for an emblem. He sent three of which Michel and I picked the one which has remained official. I then had engravings made of this emblem and we printed membership cards on the Michel-Wollheim press. One of these engravings I kept, the other cut I presented to the FAPA to remain in the custody of each Official Editor. When last heard of Milton Rothman had this cut.

Correspondence was beginning to bear fruit and we had a few applications in before any mailing appeared. The first fan to pay dues and raceive a card was Frederik Pohl. Among the original members of pre-first mailing status appear the names of Edward Carnell, Harry Dockweiler, J. M. Rosenblum, Robert A. Madle, Robert W. Lowndes, and James Taurasi.

The first mailing was due to come out in July 1937. Time did not allow Michel and I to prepare a first Fantasy Amateur so instead I mimeographed a three page magazine entitled "The FAPA Fan" the third page of which was an application blank, the first two pages of which contained an explanation of the FAPA and a request for members. The FAPA Fan did duty as a semi-official organ until the appearance of the first Fantasy Amateur, which was not until after the first regular election.

The first mailing appeared in July. It contained mostly excess copies of older fan magazines, some new material done for the occasion such as two or three "Mijimags" and stuff. It wasn't a bad bundle considering.

Response was very encouraging. But Secretary Bill Miller unfortunately chose that moment to lose interest in fandom. He allowed his work to lag and finally resigned in September turning material over to me. I undertook the work of Secretary-Treasurer for the rest of the year as well as the president's post. Oddly enough, it can be recorded that our first Secretary, Miller, never became a member of the FAPA.

Another organizational mailing came in October and the first election was held in December. The first Fantasy Amateur, dated spring 1938 and sent out in May 1938 contains the results. Myself and MacPhail remained in our organizational offices. Baltadonis took over the secretaryship and Fred Pohl relieved Michel as Editor. The number of ballots received reveals that by January 1938 we had about 25 members. By May 1938 we had 243 members and had reached healthy maturity. A host of new FAPA magazines were appearing and healthy discussion was permeating the ranks. A heated contest was forecast for July and the FAPA was 100% alive and kicking.

- Donald A. Wollheim, THE FANTASY AMATEUR, vol.5 no.4 (Jun '42)


Much additional historical information can be found here:


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continues after 1960. NB: each issue carries the previous 
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Tucker Hotel: Vincent Clarke, Chuck Harris, Bob Shaw, 
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continues after 1970.
***new series for FAPA.

Directory of SF Fandom: Ron Bennett.
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Bletherings: Ethel Lindsay
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Erg: Terry Jeeves
	(first published Apl.1959)
      * 46	Apl/74	m	Q	20 
      *	47	Jul/74	m       Q	22  
      *	48	Oct/74	m       Q	26  
      *	49 	Jan/75  m       Q	22
      * 50	Apl/75  m       Q	22
      *	51	Jul/75	m       Q	22
* separate editions were published for these issues, for OMPA or 
  FAPA or general distribution. Page count & contents differed