Walter Dunkelberger - (JMRosenblum Photo Album)

FANEWSCARD was a weekly newszine in the form of a postcard that was started in July 1943 by Bob Tucker, who stuck with it until issue #13 in October. Ed Connor and Frank Robinson took over with #14 and continued until #51 in the summer of 1944. Robinson did a final, multi-page duplicated newletter #52 by himself in July then handed the reins over to Walter Dunkelberger of Fargo, North Dakota.

Dunkelberger would continue with the newscard - interspersed with the occasional newsletter, for the rest of its run. In Aug/Sept '44 Earl Kay came aboard as co-editor and was listed as such until #209 in Sept '45, though his actual final issue as co-editor was #133 (March 1945), in which he announced his departure:

FANEWSCARD #134 (28 Mar 45)

FANEWS #14 (24 Apr 45):

FANEWS #152 (7 May 45):

FANEWSCARD #158 (27 May 45):

FANEWS #159 (28 May 45):

The Dunkelberger family - (JMRosenblum Photo Album)

FANEWS #163 (8 June 45):

FANEWS #167 (22 June 45):

FANEWS #220 (1 Oct 45):

"This issue is dedicated to Earl Kay, our former co-editor, who died in Europe
in the last few hours of the war." - Walter Dunkelberger

Earl Kay had done his stint, and been offered a medical discharge. His war was done, yet with everyone knowing the war in Europe would be over within weeks he was allowed to go on one last mission as a "matter of honour" based on intelligence he himself had gained and to avenge some grievance or other he had suffered at Anzio. What mission could be so important at that stage of the war, I wonder? Whatever it was it was apparently successfully concluded, yet this didn't prevent him from being the last fan to die in WWII. RIP, Earl.

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