NORCON (1943)

Ron Holmes - from the JMRosenblum collection.

Ron Holmes recalls:

The Norcon took place in Manchester from December 31st 1943 to January 2nd 1944. The turnout was: Ron Lane (Director) Ron Bradbury, R.R. Johnson, Michael Rosenblum, George Ellis, "Gus" Ellis (courtesy of the U.S. Army), Rita (my bride to be), and myself. No hall was necessary; it all happened at Ron Lane's house. The activities consisted of deciding that there should be a Convention Booklet and writing and producing it on the spot. A day was spent at the zoo and we all descended on the home of Harry Turner, the artist, for an hour or two. There was an auction too, I auctioneered for both these conventions and had a lot of fun. Although Rita and I had booked single rooms at the hotel I was not a little surprised to find myself visited in bed the first night by Michael, Gus and Roy - not that it did them any good.

Although the numbers were low, that event just managed to be a Convention because it published a booklet. The get-together at Michael's mother's cottage near Pendle Hill, Lancs, the ((previous)) Easter could only be included if the term Convention is reduced to mean "fans visiting from other towns". Michael was there of course, and the two Rons from Manchester, and Rita and I cycled over from a Liverpool. Two days were spent chatting and climbing up Pendle Hill and that was that. Fandom was held together for the rest of the war through the good offices of individual fans who put effort into the B.F.S. on a postal basis, but it was not to die.

- NESFIG NEWSLETTER #9 (April 1976)

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