The rocket built by Norman Shorrock and Dave Gardner


During this week [February 10th] the Gaumont were showing the then current The Day The Earth Stood Still. We arranged with the manager to display a number of Science Fiction books and covers in the Foyer, and in return we advertised the film at our premises. We had the walls of the Space Dive covered with S-F magazines, for which display we are indebted to various members who placed parts of their extensive collections at the Society's disposal. In all there must have been about one thousand magazines gracing the now clean, walls. In addition to this our Treasurer, Norman, constructed a model of a spaceship which stood 5' 4" in height, this, placed in a lunar setting contrived by another of our members looked extremely effective. Several other members volunteered to stand outside the Gaumont and hand out a leaflet explaining the Society's activities and

We were suprisingly successful and as a result of our increased membership it was found necessary to re-elect our committee. We thought this desirable so as to allow the new members a say in the constitution of the Society.

Jim Mooney with the rocket and display

Invitation to a Manchester showing