From ANSIBLE 10 (June 1980)

From TWLL DDU 18 (August 1980)

From ANSIBLE 16 (March 1981)

From ANSIBLE 17 (April 1981)

From ANSIBLE 18 ( June 1981)

From ANSIBLE 24 (March 1982)

After the above were first posted, Dave Langford found the sample strip I'd done when pitching the idea to him and which he had rejected. "I suppose I must have urged you to go ahead," writes Dave, "but didn't like that particular gag!" Frankly, I can see why. I have no memory of drawing this at all:

And here is that letter, pitching the idea:


22 Llanthewy Rd.

Dear Dave,

ANSIBLE being, if you like, the 'newspaper of British Fandom' are you interested in a regular strip (a sample cunningly enclosed above showing how small a portion of a quarto page it would actually take up)? The strip would be up to four panels at the size format above and the name of anyone writing a sequence would appear with my name in the byline above the panels. Although the above is basically a one-line joke I thought the strip would ideally be fannish in content and, if possible, topical.

I've used STARFAN (you saw the first four page sequence on the fan-room wall at SEACON) because when the STARFAN fanzine finally appears, the 23-page strip-zine having been at the Harveys for some time, the characters will already have been introduced and established which will make things easier. After all it took years to establish the characters in PEANUTS.

If you're interested let me know (and if you are scripts from such as yourself and Kev would be greatly appreciated) and I'll get on the case.



p.s. Peter Weston ain't the only one who is redundant since yours truly recently got the axe.