LAST AND FIRST FEN (.mp3 audio) - or read the transcript.

Running time: 52.07 mins File size 48MB. Tape digitised by John Harvey.

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The audience listens to the tape. (ns)

This was the Liverpool group's second 'tapera' and debuted at CYTRICON II, the 1956 Eastercon held that year at the George Hotel in Kettering. At the end of the tapera the cast and crew - all Liverpool group members - came on to the stage to take their bows:

Norman Shorrock, Pat Doolan, John Owen, Don McKay, Frank Milnes, Renee McKay, Stan Nuttall,
Dave Newman, hidden unknown, Ina Shorrock (ns)

Later at the convention there was a fancy dress in which members of the cast appeared in costume, several as their characters. It would be another decade before costumes of this quality were seen again at a British convention.

Ina Shorrock, Renee McKay, Dave Newman (Atilla the Fan), Stan Nuttall (ns)

Renee McKay and Stan Nuttall as Cleopatra and Marc Fanthony (ns)

Don McKay, Lil McKay, Pat Doolan, John Roles (ns)

John Roles, Don McKay (as Erik the Bent) (ns)